About Us

Community Outreach

LAUNCH has developed workshops to meet the needs of teaching & medical professionals, neighborhood & community agencies, corporations & parents.

All of LAUNCH’s educational workshops are presented by professionals in the fields of learning disabilities, ADHD, and related learning difficulties.

Our current workshop offerings include:

Learning Styles

An interactive, multi-sensory approach to understanding the different ways individuals learn. Participants learn to recognize their own learning styles and to understand how important this recognition is for individual success in school or a work environment (2 hours, up to 20 participants, $175.00).

Effects of ADHD

Presented by trained ADHD coaches, this workshop explains the three types of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis. Strategies for school, work, or home are discussed (3 hours, up to 30 participants, $250.00).

Learning Disabilities 101

This interactive workshop provides an overview of specific learning disabilities and how they manifest themselves in the classroom or workplace (3 hours, up to 30 participants, $250.00).

Customize Your Experience

We will build a workshop to suit your group, timeframe, learning needs or other requests (Price on Request).

Additional Information:

50 travel miles included with each workshop. An additional mileage charge will be applied to travel outside a 25-mile radius from Syracuse, NY. Workshops can be customized to include child participants. Please call and speak to a representative should you wish to include children.

For more information on these programs, or for pricing to accommodate a larger group, please contact our front office directly.