ASR Goes to NYC!


On September 15, 30 clients and staff involved in LAUNCH's Adult Social Recreation service went to New York City for a day filled with fun activities.

This trip was completely funded by over 65 donors. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Many of our clients had never been to NYC due to a lack of transportation, lack of finances, or medical reasons, so this was an experience of a lifetime!

It wasn't all fun and games, there were plenty of learning opportunities along the way. Clients had to budget their money throughout the day to ensure they would have enough money for dinner. Additionally, they were able to practice social norms that might not come easily to them. For instance, it's not acceptable to talk during a performance. They did great with that at STOMP! This may seem like a simple social norm, but it's not as simple for someone who is differently abled. 

This certainly was an experience that none of our clients will ever forget. Thank you again to everyone who helped make this trip possible!