Career Solutions Academy Celebrates Success


Since being awarded the Department of Labor grant for the Unemployed Worker Training Program, Career Solutions Academy (CSA) has started its second year of the Custodial Technician Training Program.

Currently, the first group of students has just completed the last week of class which was celebrated with a BBQ planned and organized by the students as part of a soft skill project. 

The class was divided into two teams and given a budget of $100 to plan a BBQ. Teams had to include transportation, supplies, entertainment, and food in their proposals. Each group then presented their plan to the whole group and the class voted as a whole for the better plan.

Once the plans were finalized tasks were delegated to all the participants. The BBQ took place at Kelly Park and was attended by the seven participants who had completed the Basic Custodial Technician Certification from the Cleaning Management Institute and ISSA.

The event is a great way to celebrate their success before they move into the next phase of the program – job hunting. Stay tuned…..

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Basic Custodial Technician Certificate!

Amie Zwecker,
Marketing & Development Manager