Clients Submit Project to the Erie Canal Museum's Gingerbread Gallery


Our LAUNCH life participants have been busy for the past few months. For the fourth year in a row, five community habilitation clients have worked on completing an entry for the Erie Canal Museum’s annual Gingerbread Gallery.

This year, the theme is in celebration of the Erie Canal’s 200th anniversary of breaking ground. The historic event happened locally in Rome, on July 4, 1817.

The group looked for inspiration for their project at multiple locations including visiting the boat museum in Chittenango, walking along the Erie Canal as well as visiting the Erie Canal Museum. Starting at the end of August, and into September and October, they worked once a week on completing this 100% edible sculpture. 

Staff supported the group by helping each client get their ideas out while ensuring each voice was heard to promote teamwork. Additionally, this project helped each participant develop their creative side. The boat and surrounding structures were the concept and work of the clients with very little staff interference.

Clients who worked on the project state that they plan on participating again next year with a different sculpture. 

In previous years we have had a model of the LDA building (loosely based), a sledding hill with an ice skating rink, and last year the Carrier Dome.  Given the theme that we had this year, the LIFE participants that we serve did a great job conceptualizing and putting together their masterpiece.

The Erie Canal Museum Gingerbread Gallery will be on display November 20, 2017 - January 7, 2018. 

Erie Canal Museum
318 Erie Blvd. E.
Syracuse, NY 13202

Be sure to visit to see their project in person!