LAUNCH Becomes Second Home For Volunteer


We would like to introduce you to our newest volunteer, Matthew.

*pictured above: last year, Matthew volunteered to help clean up a park on Earth Day with another LAUNCH client.

Matthew is a participant in our LIFE program and has taken it upon himself to volunteer some of his time at LAUNCH.

In January, he started independently traveling to and from our office via the bus system. Each week when he arrives, he is greeted with a smile by our staff. 

Every Monday, our Administrative Specialist, Amy, provides him with a list of tasks that we need help with.

If you have received any mail from us in the past month, Matthew likely helped us with the process. Additionally, he assists us with general housekeeping and filing. 

Not only has his help been beneficial for LAUNCH but it also adds value to his day. 

He has gained both experience and joy so far from his efforts and said, "I feel like this is my second home!"

Pictured above: Over the summer, we purchased a new picnic table for our clients to use outside of our office. Matthew helped us put it together.

Matthew, we are glad to have you! Thank you for your help!