The Next Big Name in CNY will be... Wyatt Kyle!


Wyatt is a Liverpool High School senior who was looking for help with employment services when he came to LAUNCH in late spring. After working with one of our employment consultants, Theresa, we learned he loves photography, art, reading and video games.

As a result, Wyatt became our volunteer photographer for the Links for Learning Golf Tournament in June. Here’s one of our favorite photos that he took:

After the golf tournament, we were able to connect Wyatt with Caitlyn Bom Portrait Art, a local portrait studio. Wyatt did such a great job and enjoyed his time with the studio so much that they offered him the opportunity to come back and do it again. “My internship is amazing! I am honored that I was asked to go back for a second time. I learned so many things. Most of all, I learned about professionalism in the field of photography. I also learned how to greet people, tricks to making them feel comfortable and sales. I loved every minute of it.”

Photography has been an essential part of Wyatt’s life. He enjoys photography because he can capture images and share them with others. “I found out that I enjoyed it when I actually wanted to capture more unique photographs and that it made people happy and excited to see what I would capture next.” Here are some of Wyatt’s favorite photos that he has captured so far:

“LAUNCH has helped me get an internship which I love! I was able to go to the golf tournament and I was able to attend the Syracuse Nationals! It was pretty cool being able to skip the line and go to the booth for tickets with my name already on them! I can tell you without LAUNCH, I would not have had some of the great experiences that have opened the door for me to become a better photographer. With that, I am very thankful and humbled.”

When I asked Wyatt what he hopes to accomplish next year, he said, “Be ready! I plan on being a well-known name in the photography business.” He hopes to expand his business and have his work in many new places. His goal is to be able to walk into an office and see his photography on their walls.

Wyatt plans on attending the State University of New York at Oswego for photography. Once he becomes a well-known photographer, he would like to mentor someone.

“Thank you LAUNCH, each and every one of you. I appreciate the time that you have extended to me.”

To see more of Wyatt's work, follow him on Instagram: @wyattkyle_artist and Facebook