Success Story - Kaley


For several months, Kaley has been working with an Employment Consultant, Alex.

She was limited geographically where she could look for jobs because she was leery of taking the bus. Alex did travel training with Kaley and this enabled her to expand her job search.

Recently, Kaley was hired at a local nursing home as a dishwasher. After a few weeks, Kaley was worried that her position was too fast-paced and physical for her and she wasn’t sure she could maintain the job. With the support of Alex, Kaley talked to her supervisor about her concerns and was put into a different position.

Kaley couldn’t be happier and her supervisor is very pleased with her performance. Now, Kaley has been there for over 45 days and she is able to do most of her tasks independently.  She has been asked to help out in other areas and to work extra shifts. 

Kaley continues to gain independence with every shift. Alex provides support and assistance as needed and Kaley values the help she has received from him.

Congratulations, Kaley!