Success Story - Michael


*Michael is a client in our Career Solutions Academy (CSA) program. He entered the program at age 50 and hadn't worked in two years. 

For the majority of his past job experience, Michael had been in management positions at supermarkets and hardware stores. At the same time, his health was deteriorating. He has serious heart issues and on multiple occasions, he had to leave work in an ambulance. 

Unfortunately, his long leaves of absences due to his health made it difficult for his employer and for himself. He started applying for lower level jobs but found it difficult to find an entry-level position when he had management experience. 

One day, while job hunting at CNY Works, he saw a course advertised for custodial technician training (CSA). He thought if he could gain additional training, it would make him more employable. 

CSA's Basic Custodial Technician Training Certification is a program which helps unemployed people in special populations to gain long-term employment. The program is comprised of two parts: a basic custodial certification and individual job development.

The custodial certification is taught in a classroom environment using the curriculum from the Cleaning Management Institute. The course also includes soft skills development such as teamwork and communication. The second part of the program involves us supporting clients in their search for employment through activities such as resume development, analysis of job searching skills and mock interviews.

Over the course of the program, Michael received 67 hours of instruction and individual coaching. He began to think more positively, became more strategic in how to overcome employment barriers and was generally more energetic in seeking out job opportunities. 

Since completing CSA’s Custodial Technician Training Certificate, Michael has gained employment after 2 ½ years of job hunting at Loretto Health & Rehabilitation Center. He is currently working part-time as a dishwasher during his probationary period while he gets back into the habit of working. He enjoys going to work, interacting with his co-workers and is already looking to increase his hours and responsibilities while still keeping vigilance of his health issues.

Congratulations, Michael!

*To preserve the privacy of our client, we have changed his name for this story.