Success Story - Morey Family


Imagine having the same routine every day:

  • Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth
  • Grab your backpack, walk to the bus stop, get on the bus
  • Go to school, greet your friends and your teachers and start your school day.

This is a typical morning for most children.

Many children can handle subtle changes in their schedule but for some, even the slightest change can cause a big problem. That’s what happened to Matthew Morey. Matthew’s father, Steve, shared with us his story:

Our son, Matthew, is on the autism spectrum and he would struggle going back to school each year with a new classroom and new routine. As Matthew began 5th grade, his Teaching Assistant (TA) approached us and mentioned he would not be transitioning with his class to West Genesee Middle School at the end of the year. Instead, he would be sent to the Camillus Middle School. We feared for someone on the autism spectrum, a change in location, bus route, teachers, friends and more would be too much for Matthew.

My wife and I battled the school district’s administration on our own for an entire year advocating to keep Matthew with his peers. The battle was long, exhausting and we found out just how wrong some aspects of the school system can be.

In the summer of 2014, Matthew was attending LAUNCH’s Summer Adventures in Learning (SAIL) program. Matthew’s parents shared their struggle with the Associate Executive Director of Programs, Dianne Pennings. Dianne informed them that LAUNCH offers a service called Educational Consulting and we might be able to help resolve their problems with the school system.

After SAIL was over, Steve connected with Dianne to get a consultation scheduled. The Morey family has been served by LAUNCH ever since. “Eileen Lutz, my son’s educational consultant, has been with us for the past four years. Bringing in an advocate who knows the system and IEPs has been invaluable. Eileen catches mistakes, and we know our son’s best interests are at heart.”

Steve, would you recommend Educational Consulting to others?

ABSOLUTELY! The special needs field is ever changing. Policies, procedures are modified constantly. As a parent of a special needs child, you simply do not have time to stay on top of everything and learn all of the changes. You need someone who is a subject matter expert in your corner, and for us, that’s Eileen.

Eileen also helps us with educational advocacy for Matthew’s twin brother Ryan. We are really grateful for Dianne’s recommendation years back, it continues to be a valuable resource for our boys in a field where few resources are added but many are taken away.

How you can make a difference: 

You can help people like the Morey family by supporting our Educational Consulting service. A $50 donation will help a family receive one consultation. A $250 donation covers the cost of five consultations - the average number of meetings needed to resolve a problem. Donate today!