Success Story - Rosie


In the SAIL program, there are students who return year after year, much to our delight. Even though we only see them for six weeks in the summer, it is so exciting to watch them develop, grow and work to their potential. One young lady has put a smile on our faces as we have watched her blossom.

When Rosie first attended the program, she struggled in many ways during the school year but thrived in SAIL. As school year programming began to fit her needs, she flourished even more. The wary student embraced every opportunity to learn and participate. Friendships were made at SAIL and the smile grew bigger each year.

Rosie has developed a love for dance over the past four years and continues to build her skills in weekly classes. She loves music and this past year joined the Syracuse Children’s Theater.  After several months of rehearsals, she is currently performing in Beauty and the Beast. The Director of Children Services, Lead Educational Consultant, and Director of Summer Programs went to a performance this past weekend and saw her beam on stage.
It is exciting to see students develop their identity and grow each year. With thoughtful and careful programming students can gain success academically and in all areas of their lives. We are excited for Rosie and are curious to see what comes next!