Tyler Achieves Success at Matthew's Salon


Our Employment Services Staff would like to spotlight Tyler for his success and achievements through our LAUNCH Jobs program. When Tyler began his journey – it was with a great deal of apprehension regarding his ability to obtain meaningful employment.

When you first meet Tyler, you would think that he is timid or demure, but oh does that ever change when he finds comfort in himself and/or his situation. At the end of June, Tyler earned a receptionist position at Matthew’s Salon and Spa and the same young man who appeared quiet and timid disappeared and out came an effervescent personality that draws not only his co-workers to him but the customers as well. The same Tyler that would not lift his eyes and needed to be coaxed to talk above a whisper when speaking with someone new was suddenly replaced by someone able to keep composure and control while ringing out a client, checking a client in and taking an appointment over the phone all at the same time. Tyler that was afraid to work more than four hours in a week was suddenly taking extra shifts and responsibilities; he has even added IT work and troubleshooting to his repertoire even though it was neither a part of his experience nor his job description.

To say that he has blossomed at Matthew’s Salon and Spa would be an understatement. Tyler has excelled at his position and thus deserves the spotlight for his accomplishments. Take a bow, sir!

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