About Launch

Our Staff

Staff Member Job Title Email Phone
Emily Backes Career Solutions Academy Instructor ebackes@launchcny.org
Lisa Bianchi Employment Manager lbianchi@launchcny.org 315.820.2498
Josh Bostick Administrative Specialist jbostick@launchcny.org
Sara Cavanaugh Adult Group Facilitator scavanaugh@launchcny.org
Will Domes LIFE Counselor wdomes@launchcny.org
Julie Freeman Director of Education jfreeman@launchcny.org 315.557.0303
Savannah Hauck LIFE Counselor slaclairhauck@launchcny.org
Sue Haggett Human Resources/Corporate Compliance Manager shaggett@launchcny.org 315.400.1221
Tiara Hudson LIFE Counselor/Adult Recreation Facilitator thudson@launchcny.org
Dennis Killian-Benigno Educational Consultant dk-b@launchcny.org 315.277.9810
Amy Lapoint Fiscal Specialist alapoint@launchcny.org
Sarah Lamanna Educational Consultant slamanna@launchcny.org
Linda Law Educational Consultant llaw@launchcny.org 315.355.3147
Nicole Luebke Adult Group Facilitator nluebke@launchcny.org
Eileen E. Lutz Lead Educational Consultant elutz@launchcny.org 315.820.2111
Christine Miranda Adult Group Facilitator cmiranda@launchcny.org
Courtney Morgan Employment Counselor cmorgan@launchcny.org
Keisha Musacchio LIFE Counselor kmusacchio@launchcny.org
Carly O'Reilly Job Coach coreilly@launchcny.org
Brent Pennings Job Coach bpennings@launchcny.org
Dianne Pennings Associate Executive Director for Programs dpennings@launchcny.org 315.720.9148
Paulette Purdy Executive Director ppurdy@launchcny.org 315.420.2761
Heather Rice Community Services Manager hrice@launchcny.org 315.314.4878
Derek Sajnog Career Educator dsajnog@launchcny.org
John Salatte Educational Consultant jsalatte@launchcny.org
Lucia Smith LIFE Counselor lsmith@launchcny.org
Moynelle Stabile LIFE Counselor mstabile@launchcny.org
Jamie Tomushunas LIFE Counselor jtomushunas@launchcny.org
Kaitlyn Totten Community Services Manager ktotten@launchcny.org 315.565.1520
Madeline Tremblay LIFE Counselor mtremblay@launchcny.org
Dede Van Allen Fundraising Manager dvanallen@launchcny.org 315.447.8995
August Weinstein Community Services Manager aweinstein@launchcny.org 315.899.1667

Board Members

Our Board of Directors is composed of local professionals across a variety of experience and backgrounds who are deeply dedicated to progressing the mission and success of LAUNCH.

Board Member Company
Brandon Johnson, President Mohawk Valley Health System
Maeve Lanning, Vice President National Grid
Kaylee Chayka, Secretary Auburn Community Hospital
Rich Nave, Treasurer Empower Federal Credit Union
Maeva Considine Terakeet
Nicholas Laflair Empower Federal Credit Union
Liz Lehmann Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC
Sam Lyon Dannible and McKee
Andrew Miller KBM Management
Stephanie Pelcher Apter and O'Connor